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    Modena is a lovely young lady who believes that the power to be friendly is the power that all women have to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. “You need to be more friendly as a person,” she explains. “And by you, I mean all women. We have trained ourselves to be so nasty to men all the time. We are just supercritical and ungrateful. No man likes an ungrateful woman, and yet we seem to think that’s what’s expected of us. I can’t see ever treating a man that way. I try always to be friendly, kind, and grateful.”

    “Think about what a man goes through just trying to walk up to a woman in a bar,” she adds. “He has to worry that he’ll be rejected. It’s worse if she’s with friends. A lot of girls will just mercilessly shoot a guy down even though they might like him, or think he’s cute because they have just the right cutting insult, and they want to show off for their friends. Well, every one of those friends is going home alone at the end of the night because they couldn’t be friends long enough to meet someone really worthwhile.”